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3D Printing & Modeling Services With Chess Printing Solutions

For all your 3D printing rapid prototyping needs, small production runs, mold design, and whatever else your company needs.

Printing Speeds of 150mm/s+

Wholesale pricing available

Free samples on production orders

Add Your Vision to Our 3D Printing Services

Chess Printing Solutions is a 3D printing company that specializes in custom and rapid prototyping. With over 17 years of experience, we create personalized items for clients out of a variety of materials to meet their design needs. We have created products for consumers and businesses and have the capability to provide speedy turnaround times and competitive prices.  If you’re looking for high-quality 3D printed products with quick turnarounds, get in touch with us. Listed below are the services we provide.

3D Printed Sugar Skull
3D Printed Sugar Skull we created for one of our customers

Custom 3D Design & Printing

Chess Printing Solutions can customize 3D printed items for all sorts of occasions. Customers have the option to choose from two different types of technology including stereolithography (SLA) or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

Model Design Creation

We offer you the opportunity to start your process of designing and building a product by consulting with us about your idea. We come up with concept models that we can use or create for you so that it becomes easier to visualize what exactly will be created.


With our flexible production capabilities and small to medium size product output, we can meet all of your needs and will go the extra mile to meet your request.  We offer free samples on production orders and wholesale pricing is available on orders 10 pieces.

Reverse Engineering

3D printing has opened up the possibility that once lost designs and technologies can be brought back to life. We are able to make 3D-printed parts that are no longer in production.

Scanning Services

Do you need something scanned? Leave it up to the experts with our new and innovative scanning service that is provided at an affordable price.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping service helps design and engineering teams turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, enabling real-time product design feedback and concept testing.

Chess Printing Solutions in ACTION

Beautiful 3D Printed Vase

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