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Chess Printing Solutions –3D Printing Solutions for the Modern World

Stay three moves ahead of the competition and get a 3D Printing quote today.  Choose from a wide range of materials to meet your needs.

About Our 3D Printing Services

Chess Printing Solutions is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. We are a 3D printing company that creates custom-made products for business and personal use. With over 17 years of experience in machinery and programming, we can create just about anything you need on-demand to meet your design needs. We offer Rapid Prototyping as well to get your ideas out into the world quickly. To learn more about how we can help with your project contact us today.

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The CPS 3D Printing Advantage

You can’t have a 3D printer without awesome customer service to back it up. We’ll work with you through every step of the printing and design process so that your project is completed exactly how you envisioned.

3D printed vase

Expertise in 3D Printing Technologies

With over 17 years of experience in Aerospace, defense, medical, tool and die, and Injection molding industries utilizing 3D printing technologies and software.

3D Printing in action

Manufactured to Customer Specifications

Chess Printing Solutions is a printing company that creates products to meet the specifications of our clients. We will also review your design and make adjustments to improve its structural integrity, all while keeping in mind your deadlines, budgets, and needs.

Item being created with 3D Printing

Access to Equipment & Experience

We offer FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and SLA (Stereolithography) printing technology. From design through production, we have the resources available to help turn your idea into reality!

Have a Need For 3D Printing? We Have a Solution.

Chess Printing Solutions LLC is an innovation and design powerhouse that specializes in the latest 3D technologies, like FDM and SLA. We have created products with different materials such as carbon fiber, nylon, rubber-like resins, and more. For businesses or individuals who need products printed, we can take care of it all from concept to production-ready prototype; if you don’t have any ideas but want us to help create something for you then no worries! If you have a design already we can review it and get it ready for production. We offer wholesale pricing for orders that have over 10 pieces, rapid prototyping, and can even assist with reverse engineering of items. 

Furthermore, Chess Printing Solutions has been an instrumental supplier of face shields covers, ear savers, and other protection products during the pandemic. Along with creating protective wear, Chess Printing Solutions has also created home decor items, cell phone accessories, and much more! Below are just some of the examples of products we have created.

PCB Cases

Wall Art

Reverse Engineering of Parts No Longer In Production

Life Size Sculptures

Prototype Validation

Customized Magnetic Carrying Cases for Fragile Products

Halloween Decor/Costumes

Cosplay Accessories

Plant Potters

Chess Printing Solutions Helping Frontline Workers With Their 3D Printing Services

Chess Printing Solutions LLC was instrumental in creating products for frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. This video depicts the process of creating ear savers that were utilized by many in the health care industry.

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